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Linda Baysinger Peck's World of Art
"Capturing the Spirit in Paint"
central, Minnesota
Important: I am not selling my art on amazon, nor do I have an agreement with anyone who is selling on amazon, if you find my art there, it has been stolen. Customers on amazon are being fooled into thinking they are buying a high quality product, but it won't be printed well. For high quality, buy my images only through Zazzle! I use water based media, such as acrylic or watercolor. My styles include realistic, symbolic, abstract and stylized. I create Award-winning watercolor and acrylic paintings, pen/ink drawings, wildlife art, beautiful floral and landscape photography, colorful quilting designs, contemporary abstract designs, holiday, medieval and Renaissance Faire theme designs. Here, at Linda Baysinger Peck's World of Art, you will find a treasureload of unique, artistic images, on a variety of products! Many products are customizable, which means you can add your own text to cards, ornaments, mugs, iPhone cases, letterheads and business cards and more. I have been a professional artist since 1976. One of the most unique aspects of my more recent work involves hand made, recycled acid-free paper. I incorporate the rough texture to give these pieces a more primitive feel, reminiscent of hide or stone. "Art is Life and Life is Art" I have mastered several styles for different effects and to convey different ideas. The realistic style emphasizes the beauty of the physical world, while the bold, strong, stylized pieces symbolize the spiritual world. I began painting when I was a small child and have always been fascinated with color and light. I worked my way through public school art classes, while simultaneously developing an increasing interest in history and culture. I also developed an early admiration, respect and appreciation for the natural world.
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The Road Back
Cornfield and Blue Sky
Green Field and Blue Sky
Sea Shells on Beach Sand
Sea Shells on Aqua
Sea Shells Ocean Blue Stripes
Sea Shells Pink and Turquoise Watercolor
Pink Unicorns
Purple Unicorn Pink Stars
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Linda Baysinger Peck
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