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Custom Design & Photography
Meredith, New Hampshire
I started the TDSwhite store here on Zazzle to offer my photography and graphic designs for sale on the many custom products Zazzle has to offer. I'm a freelance photographer with interests in floral photography, landscape photography and night photography. You can see many of my photos on custom products here in my TDSwhite shop on Zazzle as well as my photography website TDSwhite.com. I also love graphic design from the time I was in grade school and into college. I had never made it a career choice until 2007 when I started to blend my photography with graphic design. Zazzle made it all possible to pursue that career choice by making products available to design on for free and earn a royalty on the sale of the product. You'll see a wide variety of photography and graphic designs that reflect my creative interests. Thank you for shopping TDSwhite on Zazzle!
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