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“I just wanted to say thank you so incredibly much! I recently started a cake business and had ordered a pack of 100 custom business cards that I really needed by today for a HUGE customer that really wanted to pass them out to friends and family in order to get me more business. I ordered them in plenty of time and tracked my order as it went from post office to post office. Once it was supposedly delivered by our local post office I checked outside and it was not there. I called the post office every day until finally they said that my business cards are lost forever and they could not do anything about it. I was afraid that I would have to re-order the cards and pay for them all over again and I didn't think they would reach me in time. I called customer service and spoke with an extremely nice girl who apologized for the loss even though it was not her or Zazzle's fault, and she re-ordered the cards for FREE and upgraded my shipping and handling in order for my cards to arrive just in time for me to hand out (which they did)!! My customer is arriving any minute and I have a handful of cards to give her which will really help me out business-wise. I am beyond impressed and thankful for your professionalism and amazing customer service. I posted my gratitude on Facebook for all 1,200 friends to see and will continue to use your site for future purchases. Thank you so much!!”
— Anonymous
“Zazzle's site was so easy to use and was lightening fast! I ordered in the morning and received my order the next day, just in time for a business trip I was planning... not sure how they did it, but great job!”
— Jane


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